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Second Claim Paragraph


Another reason immigration has a [beneficial/detrimental] influence  [that/the fact that] [provide your second claim for or against immigration.]



Another reason immigration should be [more/less] strictly enforced is [that/the fact that] [provide your second for or against the strict enforcement of immigration.]




  • Immigration is an integral part of American values and the "American Dream."
  • Immigration is essential to maintain the labor pool.
  • Allowing immigration and giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is the ethical thing to do.
  • Immigrants are driven by a o-strong=" work ethic and an appreciation of American values.
  • Immigration is what gives America its "cultural melting pot" society, and diversity is a positive element of society.
  • Immigration provides an essential boost to the economy.


  • Immigration is often done illegally and by allowing these immigrants to stay (amnesty) the country is rewarding illegal behavior. 
  • Immigration overflows the labor pool with unskilled workers. 
  • Allowing immigration and giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is inviting possible criminal behavior by individuals who disregard laws. 
  • Immigrants do not appreciate or assimilate to American values and are a threat to the values of American culture. 
  • Immigration burdens the economy by requiring financial support for health care, education and other government services. Immigration Home Page


American Immigration Council Guide to Immigration Resource on Immigration


There are really a lot of controversies, related to the issues of immigration nowadays in America. Being the candidate for President Donald Trump had already developed his ideas and his vision upon treating these issues for the sake of American people. He claimed that immigration laws should be made up in such a way that they would secure protection of the rights of American citizens in relation to their security and their jobs. Also he underlined the need to protect the rights of the already living there legal immigrants. Such approach as selection of only those potential immigrants, who could be self-sufficient and successful in the country, seems to be intended to guarantee higher level of economic and social development of the whole country. At the same time nothing could be as simple as that and there could be a lot of controversies found in his declared strategies as well.

A lot of problems used to be related to the Mexican border. Mass illegal immigration and Mexican workers coming to America, looking for better job offers illegally had certainly their negative impacts. President Donald Trump issued an executive order, the aim of which is supposed to be the construction of the wall along the border between America and Mexico. This is considered to be one of the most serious and important initial moves in his campaign. It is widely criticized or is even considered to be a great mistake. First of all the cost of this wall would approximately make $14 billion and certainly Mexico would not pay for this initiative. Secondly, many experts see this wall as very weak solution to the problem of illegal immigration, as the greatest number of illegal immigrants does not come from Mexico, rather they are Central Americans, who are to flee from extreme poverties of their countries. It is difficult to deny nowadays that in the 1990s there were great problems with the border with Mexico and the situation was not under the control. Since those times, the situation has changed to better, as certain steps had been taken. Partially the situation was improved thanks to the growth of the economic stability of Mexico. This means that Mexico is able to offer better jobs for Mexican people and they do not have to risk and move to the US illegally. Taking all these factors in consideration, it is evident that building such a wall is a controversial decision. At the same time there are a lot of people, arriving from the so –called “Northern Triangle” – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. These places are known for their brutal violence and lack of the normal conditions for living. The greatest part of the immigrants from this part is made of women and children, who are either to escape or to die there. Certainly America is not able to solve those serious economic problems, but the problem of immigration of these people definitely needs wise and many-sided approach. There is a need to find the balance between securing safety and economic growth to America and not making those immigrants remain in those dangerous conditions.

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