Essay On Proud Of Being An Indian

India is known for its ‘Unity in diversity’ and is a land, which is rich in culture and heritage. Apart for possessing a wide range of unique cultural, natural, regional, religious and geographical diversities, the country is also rich in nature. The nation has several qualities that distinguish it from other nations of the World. There is not just one reason to feel proud 2b Indian rather there are endless reasons.Here are some of the reasons to feel proud to be an Indian.

1. Indian Culture: India has one of the oldest, richest and diverse cultures in the World and this culture makes India a unique nation. Indian culture is formed by its age old history, distinct geography, varied demographics and the blend of customs, traditions and ideas from its ancient heritages, which were formed during the Indus Valley Civilization and developed more during the Vedic period, rise and decline of Buddhism, Golden era, Muslim conquests and European colonization. India’s great diversity of religious practices, languages, customs, and traditions are examples of this unique merger over ages. India is the only nation in the World that stages several cultures which are unique in themselves. Indian culture comprises of art, architecture, music, dance, cuisines, festivals, customs and traditions, etc.

2. Indian History: The history of India dates back to several thousands of years. India is the adobe of the oldest civilization of the World, the Indus Valley civilization. Indian history dates back to the Stone Age and the various heritage stands as a proof of its rich history. The land has seen several tribulations since ages as it has been invaded by several foreign rulers, making the history of India rich. India was a flourishing nation in the past and is evident from the chronicles of history present. The nation is the origin of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

3. Unity in Diversity : The nation boasts on unity in diversity. It is the only nation with endless diversities and yet remains united as one Nation i.e. India. Unity in diversity is the uniqueness of India and has 6 major religions, over 1600 languages, 29 sates with their unique culture, diverse geographical topography that includes snow-capped mountains, deserts, beaches, plain land etc and with all the diversities, it has just one name India. No diversities have ever become a hurdle for the nation to remain united and this is why India is known as a nation of “Unity in Diversity”.

4. Indian Cuisine: Indian cuisine is coveted and loved all over the World. Indian cuisine is known for its richness and use of various spices, which makes it distinct from the cuisines of rest of the nations. Indian delicacies are as well diverse and every state, rather every region has their own specialties and Indian cuisine is popular for practicing vegetarianism which is another distinct feature of the land. Every Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and every dish is prepared in its own unique ways making it extremely delicious as it is garnished with different spices that not only has health benefits but also offers great taste.

5. Indian Armed Forces : Indian Armed forces rank 3rd in the World and it is among the premium organizations of India, which includes Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force as well as Para Military Forces. It has more than 1 million people, who toil day and night to safeguard the nation from alien forces. It is one of the most prominent institutions that is Secular in the true sense as people from various ethnicity, culture and religion work together in safeguarding the nation. It has made us proud every time with their work and sacrifices for the nation.

6. Emerging Superpower: India has faced several tribulations and yet stood firm and is developing at a very fast pace. It has developed remarkably since the time of Independence facing several issues and problems. It is the 3rd largest economy in Asia and aspires to be a superpower. It is the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). The living cost in India has increased and has contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Even in terms of science and technology, India is considered to be one of the leading nations in the World. It is the 2nd largest nation in software development after US.

7. Indian Democracy: India is the World’s largest democracy with more than 1.2 billion population. The Indian Constitution, which is considered as the supreme law of the land that declares India as a sovereign, secular and democratic republic country. It guarantees all its citizens, justice, equality and liberty as well as promotes fraternity among them. The Constitution gives the power to its citizen to elect the Government along with the right to remove them from power as well. India is a democratic nation in the true sense and we can boast of being citizens of the World’s largest democracy.

8. Spirituality: Spirituality means being considerate and optimistic about life as well as other living beings. Spirituality is related to religion but it is above it. India is known as a land of Spirituality and this attracts a lot of people from various places as India offers peace and self realization. India is the only land that has several spiritual teachers and it was Swami Vivekananda was the first among all who took Spiritualism from India to the World. Spirituality teaches us to lead a sin free life and makes inculcates positivity inside us and India is the only land that teaches spirituality and this is another reason to feel proud about India.

9. Indian Weddings: Indian weddings are an eye candy for everyone as it solemnized with grandeur and fervor. Indian weddings are a lavish affair and are solemnized amid culture, tradition and rituals. The occasions that are celebrated before the actual wedding, brings simile in the face of every relatives and friends. Indian wedding is divided into 3 parts- pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding. Although, every wedding is solemnized differently depending on the culture, the common feature is that it is celebrated lavishly. It is an occasion that brings together the families, friends and relatives and everyone enjoys it equally.

10. Hospitality: Indian people are renowned all over the World for their hospitality. The nation believes in the saying “atithi devo bhava”, which means guest are equivalent to God and this makes India a unique and distinct nation. People who visit India fall in love with this nation for this unique trait and hospitability is the common feature of every culture apart from its diversity in terms of culture. The nation offers the love, affection, warmth and the feeling of belongingness and attracts a horde of people to India. This is one reason to feel proud of the nation and being a part of this nation.

11. Travel Destinations: Owing to various diversities, India offers a wide array of travel destinations. It is one of the most coveted destinations of the travelers from different parts of the planet as the country offers a lot of fascinating places of tourist interest as well as offers outstanding tourist facilities in forms of various hotels, resorts and guest houses. Every state of the nation has lot to offer the tourist from culture, language, food and much more. Every destination is worth visiting and is capable of magnetizing tourists with it diverse natural beauty.

12. Indian Music: Music is a part of Indian culture and includes classical music, folk music, pop music etc. Indian classical music is famous all over the world and today, people from western countries show their interest in learning it. Indian classical music is divided into two namely Hindustani music and Carnatic music. The existence of Indian classical music dates back to the Vedic period and the recitals are based, harmoniously on particular ragas and to the beat on talas. Indian music is now renowned in the World and this is another reason to feel proud.

13. People of India: Indian people are well known for their generous nature and this makes the people of India different from other nations. The welcome everyone with open hearts and makes it a home for the ones who visits India. People of India are known for their amicable nature as well as for their perseverance and tolerance. Indian population is a combination of various races, ethnicities and cultures but one this that is common among every Indian is their hospitability and generous nature.

14. Legends of India: India is the birth place of several legends, who have brought glory to the nation. It is the birth place of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrasekhar Azad, Rani Lakshmi Bai, etc. Apart for being the birth place of such great heroes, India is also the birth place of several authors, mathematicians, scientists, poets, historians, doctors, actors, economists, who are renowned in the World. This makes me feel proud to be Indian where so many great people were born.

15. Heritage of India: India is known for its rich heritage. The Taj Mahal, which tops the list among the eight wonders of the World, the temples of Khajuraho, etc. are the perfect examples of the rich heritage of India. UNESCO has listed several destinations of India as world heritage and several monuments have already been declared as World Heritage site. India offers several heritage destinations and houses several monuments built by the various rulers who ruled India and these heritage depicts the richness of Indian History. This is yet another reason to be proud about the nation.

16. Indian Art and architecture: Indian art and architecture dates back to several thousands of years. The richness of Indian art and architecture is evident from the various monuments, forts, temples etc, present is different parts of the nation. Indian art is renowned all over the World and the sculptures that are made in the walls of the temples of Khajuraho, depicts the richness of Indian art and architecture. These as well attract a lot of tourists to India. This is also a reason to feel proud about India.

17. Indian Festivals: Festivals capture a huge part of our lives and more than 20 festivals are celebrated in India all throughout the year. Each festival is celebrated with same enthusiasm and grandeur. Although, most of the festivals have religious significance but despite of the religious diversities, every festival is celebrated with huge pomp and show and this depicts the Secularism that India boast on. These festivals also distinguish India from rest of the World and give us a reason to feel proud to be a Bharatiya.

18. Importance of Family: Despite of modernization as well as embracement of western culture, the importance of family still exists in India. Although, the joint family system is found less today, yet the importance of family system still continues to be an essential part of Indian culture. This is again an unique feature of India and it is not at surprising the children who are adults, earning, unmarried and even after marriage continues to live with their parents and the parents even continues to live with their children in their old age. The concept of old age home is still not very much developed in India and is a rare site of parents living in such homes in their old age.

19. Indian Women : Indian women are considered as an epitome of love, affection, perseverance and tolerance. They are known as loving wife, doting mother, cute daughters, sweet sisters and a source of strength. Indian women are known for their simplicity and innate beauty and inherit the grace, elegance and dignity. They are prominent for being proficient in managing and balancing both home and their professional life. It is noteworthy that Indian women have achieved the zenith of success in every field and with her commitment towards family, profession, society etc distinguishes her from the women of other nations.

20. Indian Media : Media is the mirror of the society and Indian media has contributed remarkably towards the growth and development of society and the nation as a whole. Indian media is now not just about print media and electronic media, even the online media have gained similar recognition in the recent times. Indian media have progressed remarkably and have been capable of creating awareness among the people of India, leading to upliftment of the society and have changed as well as broadened the mind set of Indian people. Indian media have popularized India and have contributed towards making India a part of the Global village.

21. Indian Cinema: Indian Cinema is box of total entertainment. Be it Bollywood or any other regional film industry it is best as it offers full entertainment. There are songs, dance, action, family values, love, friendship, comedy and what not all in three hours and this makes Indian movies different from movies of other nations. Indian cinema has been capable of capturing the place in International market and even in abroad, Indian movies are a craze. The largest number of movies are produced in India every year. This is also a reason to feel proud about India.

22. Indian Railways: Indian railways have severed India since several decades making it easy for people to reach different parts of the nation. Indian railways have helped in making the vast nation into a small village and it is available to every nook and corner of the nation from north to south, east to west, connecting every part of the nation. Indian railways have contributed towards the development of the nation and this is also a reason to feel proud about the nation.

23. Sunderbans: Sunderbans is the largest halophytic mangrove forest in the World. Although, 2/3rd of the region falls in Bangladesh, it was originally a part of our great India. The Sunderban that falls in India is situated in the State of West Bengal. It has the largest Tiger reserve and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It has been declared as the World Heritage site by the UNESCO. It is a huge delta formed by the merger of rivers Padma, Meghna and Brahmaputra.

24. Indian Patriotic Songs : The patriotic songs of India are capable of touching the hearts and making you weep. It makes one feel for the nation and brings out the dormant patriotic feeling that is hidden deep inside the hearts. The song “Vande Mataram” reminds us of the sacrifices that were made by the martyrs to free India from the colonial rule of the British and their selfless love for the motherland. The song “Sare Jaha Se Accha” gives us an overview of our nation and makes us fall in love yet again with our motherland. These songs give us a reason to feel proud of India.

25. Educational Institutes: India has some of the best educational institutes in the World and the IIT’s and IIM’s are considered to the best in the World. Apart from these, Indian Universities are known to provide the best education and several students from various nations come to India for higher education. The students who pass out from the IITs and IIMs are considered to be the cream and various nations offer them jobs in their countries along with good salary. Apart from these, there are several educational institutes that offer great education and students from these institutions are capable of bringing glory to our nation.

26. Cricket Achievements : Although not the national game, cricket has made India famous in the World and has brought in glory and recognition to India. Cricket is worshiped like religion in India and wherever you go be it in the metropolis or rural parts of India, you will find young boys with cricket bats and balls and this proves the popularity of the sport in India. The craze for cricket can be found nowhere in the world, except for India and this sport have been capable of attracting the crowd of the nation. India has won the World Cup twice in its history and has made India proud.

27. Indian Sports: Indian sports other than cricket have also brought in glory for the nation. India has won several Gold medals in international tournaments of hockey and has also been capable of fetching several medals in Olympics. The history of Indian sports has been filled with glory and has won international recognition in various sports. Abhinav Bindra, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, etc just to name a few have fetched in glory for India in the field of sports and have made us proud.

28. Biodiversity: India is known for its rich biodiversity and this attracts a lot of travelers from nook and corner of the planet. India is an adobe of different varieties of avian species, animals, trees and flowers. It is the home of one-horned rhinos, royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, different varieties of monkeys and many more. Some of the rare varieties of flowers, birds, reptiles etc are to be found only in India. This is another reason to feel proud of India.

29. Indian Dance: India is well known for its various dance forms and is associated with different cultures of India. Indian classical dance forms have now become popular all over the World but earlier, it was only preformed in the temples to please the Gods. Indian classical dance forms provide grace and are generally set on tales related to Gods and Goddesses. It elucidates India’s culture in an unswerving way, playing on the deep feeling of the viewer. It offers the best introduction of India’s rich culture and traditions.

30. Saree: Saree, the six yard of sophistication has become famous all over the world. It is considered as one of the most elegant and graceful attire of women and today, it is worn by even women from the west. Saree gives women a feminine touch and is aptly named as the “six yards of sophistication”. Saree not only makes a woman look graceful but also enhances the beauty of women. It is among the traditional attire of India for women which have now crossed the seven seas and have gained popularity among other women folks of the World.

31. Traditional Sports: Apart from sports that are played in the international level, some traditional sports are being played in India like Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, boat race of Kerala, martial art of Punjab, cock fight, bull fight, malkham, etc are some of the traditional, yet enjoyable sports of India and these sports are again an unique trait of the nation, which provides a reason to feel proud of India.

32. Himalayas: The great Himalayan mountain range is an asset for the nation. It is the World’s highest mountain range and the World’s highest mountain peak, The Mount Everest is a part of the Great Himalayas. The Himalayan range present in India enhances the beauty of the land and attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the globe.

33. Indian Judiciary: Judiciary of India is considered as the 3rd pillar of Indian democracy. The judiciary interprets and implements laws and these laws help to keep the society in order. Indian legal system is a vast field and has veracious laws to protect the people as well as the nation from crime. Indian judicial system was formed during the British rule and the laws are quite vague that it even meets the need of today’s modern society, although there have been a few amendments here and there, now and then. However, we can definitely boast on our judicial system and this is also a reason to feel proud about the nation.

34. Tea: Tea can be said to be the national drink of India and it is one of the favorite drink of every Indian. Popularly known as “Chai” is perfect for every type of weather and every occasion. There are various types of tea for different weather. Cold tea during summers, masala chai for winters, green tea, black tea, milk tea etc are some of the varieties. India is also well known for Tea plantation and is among the largest tea producers of the World and this is yet another thing to be proud about India.

35. Yoga : Yoga, which is now recognized world wide originated in India. It is a great healer of several diseases and helps people remain fit. It is a great stress buster and relives people from the stress of day-to-day life and helps people to rejuvenate. Yoga is innate in Indian culture and its existence dates back to several thousands of years and it is still relevant. It is also recommended for pregnant women as it helps in proper delivery and some asans are meant solely for them. Yoga is a great healer and being originated from India, it is another reason to feel proud about our nation.

36. Handicrafts: India is famous for handicrafts and this attracts the travelers to India immensely. Handicrafts of India vary from region to region and consist of a wide range of items. The handicrafts of our nation provide a glimpse of Indian ethnicity.

37. Lata Mageshkar : She is a living legend of India and the whole world is crazy about her voice. She has enchanted us with her melodious voice for the past 60 years and has been able to rule the music World. She is the nightingale of India and her voice is so captivating and mesmerizing that it can dig out all the emotions within us. She has made India proud with her singing and she herself is a pride for us.

38. Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a way of treatment that includes healing or curing diseases with the help of herbs and it is an ancient method of treatment. However, Ayurveda has now become popular all over the globe as it is heals every ailment without any side-effects. The existence of Ayurveda dates back to the Vedic Age and it is well described in the Ayurveda.

39. Indian Doctors: Indian Doctors are considered to be the best in the World and about 38% of Doctors in US are Indians and this proves that Indian doctors are the best. India produces the maximum number of doctors every year and they sever the society as well as are dedicated to their work. They are capable of handling any situation related to health complications and are efficient.

40. Sanskrit: The mother of all languages, Sanskrit has originated in India. It is the most ancient language of human civilization in the world. It is not only the mother of Indian Languages but also the mother of all European languages. The word mother, which is an English word, is derived from the Sanskrit word Matra, similarly the word brother is also derived from the Sanskrit. Not only English but the whole German Language is based on Sanskrit. This is a reason to feel proud about our motherland.

41. Mathematics: Algebra, trigonometry and calculus originated in India and was there even before any other mathematician of the World. Quadratic equation was introduced by Sridharacharya in the 11th century. The Pythagorean Theorem was first explained by an Indian and he was the one to find the value of pi. India has immensely contributed towards the field of mathematics and India is the land that invented the number zero, without which calculation s impossible. Even the place value and decimal was invented in India during 100 B.C. This is another reason the boast on our nation and feel proud about being a part of such a great nation.

42. Chess: The game of chess, which is considered as a game of intelligent people was invented in India. Chess is now being played all over the globe and several international tournaments are held for this game. It is a matter of pride that the game which is being played by people of sharp mind and which is renowned all over the orb has bee invented in our country. This is also a reason to feel proud of India.

43. Indus Valley Civilization: Indus Valley Civilization is considered as the oldest and the first human civilization of the World and this civilization was in the land of India. This civilization crafted the rich Indian culture that we boast on and have contributed towards building India. Indus valley civilization dates back to 5000 years and the richness of this civilization are evident from the ruins that are still found in various places of the nation.

44. Oldest University: The Takshila University is the World’s oldest University, which was established in 700 B.C., was in India. About 60 different subjects were taught here and more than 10,500 students from various parts of the planet enrolled themselves during the ancient times and this is evident from the writings of various people who visited India during that time. This is a major reason to be proud about India.

45. Indian Economy: Indian economy is among the fast developing and growing economies in the World and has emerged as the 3rd largest economy in Asia. Indian economy is fundamentally strong and this is the reason that India have been able to survive even during the time of recession, when the whole world was suffering from its effects. Even now, during the time of Global crisis, when the whole world is suffering, India is still going fine and the sole reason is that our economy is fundamentally strong and is capable of overcoming the problems with ease. This is yet another reason to be proud about India.

46. Secularism: India is the only nation that has so many religions and every religion is respected equally. India has been also declared as a Secular nation by the Indian Constitution. This Secularism is what makes India unique from other nations. It is only in India that every religion is given equal status, respect and importance and it is the only nation where we can find temples and mosques are situated next to each other.

47. Telecom Industry: The telecom industry of India has developed remarkably in the recent years and have been ranked 3rd in the World in this sector after US and China. Indian telecom market is growing fast and has the maximum number of mobile phone users. The call rates of India are lower as compared to the other nations. India has progressed magnificently in telecom industry and is considered to have the best telecom market in the world. This is also reason we can boast on.

48. IT Industry: The IT industry of India is growing and developing at a fast rate and have contributed immensely towards the growth of Indian economy. The IT sector has contributed not only towards the revenue generation of the country but has also provided employment opportunities to many. IT sector has played a significant role in highlighting India in the World map and is the 2nd largest software developing nations in the World after US. It is one of the booming industries of India and the BPO sector has also grown remarkably, contributing towards the growth of the IT sector. The annual growth rate of IT services was over 50% during 1992-2001. The software industry tabbed $8.26 billion during the fiscal year 2000-2001 and this was a remarkable growth in the sector.

49. Pharmaceutical Industry: India ranks 2nd in the World after China in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of manufacturing. The growth rate of the industry is 13% per year and has contributed towards the economy of India. It is an emerging industry and its growth is notable in the recent times. It has been estimated that the pharmaceutical industry of India will be among the top 10 nations even in the aspect of sales. There are about 20,000 laboratories in India, which belong to the pharmaceutical industry. There are over 20,000 registered medicine manufacturing companies in India and is contributing towards the GDP of our nation and helping in economic development of the nation.

50. Values and beliefs: It is true that India is a nation that has several diversities but one thing is common in every Indian is the traditional values and beliefs. The traditional values and beliefs of India distinguish the nation from other nations. Respect is among the values that are inculcated in every individual and are taught since childhood. Family values, harmony, tolerance, perseverance are among the values found in every Indian and these values are only found in Indians and this makes us unique and distinct from others.

51. Employment Programs: It is true that India is still facing the problem of unemployment but the Government have taken steps to provide employment opportunities to several people and the recent National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, popularly known as NREGA, which came into being in the year 2005, is the largest employment scheme till today and this act is intended to remove the problem of unemployment from India. There are several other schemes for proving employment as well and these programs have been quite successful.

52. Automobile Industry: India ranks 2nd in manufacturing two wheelers in the World. The automobile industry of India is growing at a very fast pace and has contributed towards the economic growth of the nation. India is among the largest manufacturer of motor cycles and ranks 5th in manufacturing commercial vehicles. It is also the 2nd largest manufacturer of compact cars and is the base of exporting small cars to European nation. The Automobile industry of India has witnessed a great development and growth in the recent years and is one of the booming industries of India.

53. Scientists: India has the largest number of scientists in the World and they have contributed significantly towards the development of the nation. C.V. Raman, Homi Bhabha, APJ Abdul Kalam, Satyendra Nath Bose, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, just to name a few are some of the renowned scientists of the world and they are from India. Their contribution towards the field of science is remarkable and have fetched glory fro our nation.

54. Nobel Prize Laureates of India: Nobel Prize is the greatest and the most esteemed award in the World and we can proudly say that we have many Nobel Prize laureates. Rabindra Nath Tagore, C.V. Raman, Dr. Harogobind Khurana, Mother Teresa, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar are Dr. Amatya Sen are the Indians who have won this prestigious award for their contribution in various fields and have brought immense glory to the nation. They have made our hearts swollen with pride to be born in a nation where these people were born.

55. Bio-Tech Industry: The bio-tech industry in India is one of the booming industries in India and ranks 2nd in the World after USA. This industry has contributed greatly towards the economic development of the nation. Many colleges and universities of India offers course in bio-tech and this industry employs a huge number of scientists and engineers and has contributed towards reducing the number of educated unemployed from the nation. It is one of the new emerging industries and has developed remarkably in the recent years.

56. Health Care Facilities: India has the most low cost health care facilities. Government has set up more than 20,000 health care centers all over the nation to provide affordable health care facilities to all. India has a huge number of doctors, offering their services to improve the health care facility and it is made affordable so that everyone can avail it. Apart from the government run health care centers, there are also several private hospitals offering best health care facilities to people. With the set up of health care centers in every place, the health care facility is improving and this is a remarkable achievement for the nation.

57. Inventions: Indians have contributed immensely towards various fields and many inventions were made in India since ancient times. The art of navigation was invented in India 6000 years ago, the computer Pentium chip was invented by an Indian and most of the computers run on it. Dice, buttons, etc were also invented in India. There are many other inventions made by Indians and have made us proud with it.

58. Bombay Stock Exchange: It is one of the largest stock exchange in India and oldest in Asia. Bombay Stock Exchange, popularly known as BSE has made the growth of corporate sector possible by giving platform for rising capital. It has helped in the economic development and growth of Indian economy.

59. Health Tourism: India is one of the most coveted health care destinations and health tourism is now a booming industry in India. People from nook and corner of the World visits India as it offers advanced health care facility at an affordable price. India has gained popularity in the health tourism as it not only offers good health care facilities but also offers amazing holiday destinations.

60. Young Nation: India is a young nation with the majority of population between the ages of 15 to 35. This proves that India has a dynamic future and this is a reason that India is considered as an emerging superpower. The number of youth in India is high and together they can change the whole scenario of present India, making it a developed and prosperous nation.

61. Soft Nation: India is known as a soft nation but not a weak nation and this distinguishes India from other nations. India is a peace loving nation and has taught the World the lessons of non-violence. Non- violence, tolerance, perseverance, hospitality, etc are some of the traits of India which makes it a soft nation. India does not believe in violence and yearns to solve every issue with peace and this makes India a soft nation.

62. Home of talent, creativity and intelligence: India is renowned as an adobe of talent, creativity and intelligence. India have several individuals who have contributed immensely to the World in various fields and their contribution in various field of art, science, literature, music, dance, etc have fetched in glory for the nation. Indian people are talented yet hard workers along with honesty and sincerity, which helps them in achieving their goals and helped in glorifying the nation.

63. Agriculture Industry: India is an agriculture based nation and most of the population of India is employed in the agriculture sector. This industry has seen sunshine in the recent years with the advancement of technology in this sector. It is an integral part of economic development of India and has contributed towards the economic growth of the nation since ages. India tops the list in production of tea, cashew nuts, black pepper, turmeric, coconut and ginger and ranks 2nd in production of rice, sugar, wheat etc.

64. Export of India: India ranks 19th among the list of exporters in the World. The total export of goods has escalated remarkably from 14% in 2001 to 42% in 2011. India exports software, jewelry, petroleum products, engineering goods, gems, textile goods, fertilizers, chemicals etc. Export of these goods has contributed immensely to the revenue generation of India and has helped in economic development and growth of the nation.

65. Work Ethics: Indians are known for their hard work along with intelligence and skills. The work ethics of India is different from rest of world and people in India work with more dedication, grace and sincerity. Indians not only work hard but also works smartly and this is why, Indians are being employed by various nations and helps them to achieve more in less time. Indian work ethics is another reason to feel proud about the nation as it distinguishes us from other nations of the world.

66. Tolerance and Harmony: India is known as a nation of diversities and people from different religion, race, caste, creed, region, culture, etc reside in India but the most amazing thing about the nation is that everyone is tolerant of the other and lives in harmony with each other. India is a nation that teaches tolerance and harmony and this is another unique trait of India.

67. Literature: India is a nation that is rich in literature and is oldest in the World history. Indian literature dates back to several thousands of years and this is evident from the presence of the Vedic literature, the great Indian epics- Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Upanishads, etc. Even in the modern World, India has a good hold in the field of literature and is an adobe of several acclaimed writers of the World. Indian literature is rich even today and is known all over the orb.

68. Tourism Industry: India has developed into one of the most coveted destinations for travelers and the tourism industry has witnessed growth in recent years. It contributes towards the GDP of the nation and has helped in globalization of India. The tourism industry of India is one among the booming industries and has a lot of growth prospects. Tourism industry has helped in reducing the number of unemployed and has contributed towards the economic growth of the nation. Government has also taken a lot of initiative in promotion of tourism industry. Today, tourism is opted as a career as it has great prospects.

69. Cottage Industry: The cottage industry of India is among the most prominent and oldest industries of India. Most of the part of India still comprises of villages and these cottage industries are a major source of income for the population residing in villages. Cottage industries are basically small scale industries and most of the revenue of India comes from these industries. The cottage industries attract a lot of tourist as it displays the rich culture and traditions of India.

70. Hotel Industry: One of the upcoming and most promising industries in India. With the growth of tourism industry, hotel industry is also booming and its growth is about 15% every year. India ranks fifth in this industry and it is opted as a career for its increasing prospects. The number of hotels has increased in India and there is various ranges of hotels available according to budget. The growth of hotel industry has also facilitated to the growth of tourism industry and has contributed towards the revenue generation of India. It is also one of the foremost foreign exchange earners and contributes towards reducing the unemployment problem of India.

71. Constitution: The Constitution of India came into force in the year 1950 and it the longest written Constitution of the World. Indian Constitution is considered as the Supreme law of the land and contains 448 articles divided in 22 parts with 12 Schedules. It has been amended 97 times and it declares India as a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic, guarantying its citizens equality, justice and liberty as well as promotes fraternity among all. The part of III of the Constitution contains the fundamental rights guaranteed to its citizens, the part IV contains the Directive Principles of State Policy, part V contains the Fundamental duties of the Citizens, etc. The Constitution of India has elements of various Constitutions of the World.

72. Newspapers and Magazines: India has over 70,000 newspapers that are being published in India in different languages and several magazines are being published which are of different genre and languages. This indicates the growth and importance of print media. The first Indian newspaper was the Bengal Gazette, which was published in 1780 and since than we have so many different newspapers and magazines that are being published daily, fortnightly, weekly and monthly.

73. Electronic Media: In recent times, the electronic media has witnessed a great boom and news channels are seen mushrooming in India. Apart from the news channels, we have several entertainment channels as well. The recent growth of electronic media is the result of foreign investment in these news channels. Earlier there was only All India Radio but today, there are several FM channels cropping up, providing entertainment to us. This growth and development of electronic media is remarkable and makes us feel proud.

74. Topography of India: India has a diverse topography and this distinguishes India from other nations of the World. India is the only nation that has beaches, deserts, plains and mountains. The diverse topography contributes towards the varying climatic conditions of the nation. This diversity attracts a lot of people from the nook and corner of the planet.

75. Astrology: Astrology is the oldest since of India and today, it is recognized all over the globe. The existence of astrology in India dates back to the Vedic Age. It is the study of stars and planets and their impact on our day to day life. Astrology has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life and it characterizes the personality of an individual according to the positions of the planets and stars. In India, astrology plays an important role in match-making in order to find out if the couples are compatible to get married. Astrological science predicts the future of an individual according to the positions of the planets and its importance is relevant from the birth of an individual till his death.

76. Natural Resources: India is endowed with bountiful natural resources and has both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. The natural resources found in India include coal, iron ore, mica, bauxite, magnesium, natural gas, titanium ore, diamonds, petroleum, limestone and thorium. The high availability of natural resources contributes towards the economic growth and development of the nation. India ranks fourth in the world in terms of coal production. Apart from mineral resources, India is also rich in water resources and is a land that has several rivers, ocean and seas.

77. Highest Rainfall: Mawsynram, located in the East Khasi hills of India records the highest rainfall in the world. It is the wettest land on the planet and has 11,872 millimeters of annual rainfall. In 1985, Mawsynram received 26,000 millimeters of rainfall and was recognized for witnessing the highest rainfall in the World by the Guinness Book of World Records.

78. Largest River Island: Majuli is the largest river island in world, which is in situated in the Mighty River Brahmaputra in Assam. Majuli is also famous for being the cultural hub of Assam and has persevered the rich and ancient assamese culture. The island has been listed as a World heritage site but it is yet to gain recognition. Majuli is mostly inhabited by the tribes of Assam and is the major hub of the Vaishnava religion started by Shankaradeva.

79. Cleanest village: Mawlynnong is considered as the cleanest village in Asia and it is situated in India. It is a small village situated in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Apart from being the cleanest village, it is also famous for its scenic beauty. This is another reason to feel proud about India.

80. Amitabh Bachan: Amitabh Bhachan is a pride of India and is a leaving legend of India. He is one of the most famous among the superstars of Indian Cinema and has also been awarded with Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. He is an internationally acclaimed superstar of India and was nominated as the Super Star of the Millennium after Charlie Chaplin, etc.

81. Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar is among the noted cricketers of the World. He has brought in glory for our nation and has made us proud with his achievement in the field of Cricket. He is the only Indian to get the Order for Australian Honour for his contribution towards International Cricket. He has also been awarded with Padma Bibhusan. He is the only one to make 100 centuries in International Cricket and his record has brought glory and fame to India. His contribution towards Indian Cricket is remarkable and he is another reason to feel proud about India.

82. Global importance: India has gained Global importance owing to the development in various sectors and due to this; it is becoming one of the major outsourcing hub of the World. There are several MNC’s growing in India and this is leading to the progress and development of the nation.

83. History of Aviation: The concept of modern day aeroplanes and helicopters are taken from the flying chariot of Megdoot, the son of Ravana. The mention of flying Chariot can be found in the great Indian epic of Ramayana and this proves that India was the first one to invent aeroplane. The history of aviation in India dates back to several thousands of years and this is a reason of pride for all Indians.

84. Indian Beauty: Indian women are renowned in the World for their beauty and are considered as the most beautiful women in the World. Indian women have won several beauty pageants in the international level. Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Datta, Priyanka Chopra, along with many others have gained recognition all over the World for their beauty. They have won the tiles of Miss Universe and Miss World and are considered as the most beautiful women in the World along with being intelligent.

85. Kanchenjunga: The World’s third highest mountain peak is the Kanchenjunga, which falls in India. It measures 28,169 feet and attracts a lot of trekkers and mountaineers to India. The Kanchenjunga consists of 5 peaks out of which, 3 falls in India and these peaks are the 3rd highest in the World. Many people from nook and corner of the planet visits India to have a glimpse of it and its presence in India is something that we should be proud about.

86. Holy Shrines: India is known as the land of Gods and the presence of holy shrines, makes it one of the most coveted pilgrimage destinations of the World, not only for the Hindus but also for the people who professes other religions. India houses a huge number of Hindu temples, Jain temples, Buddhist Monasteries, mosques and churches and this proves that every religion is equally respected and it is a secular nation in its true sense.

87. Puwa Mecca: It is important for every Muslim to visit Mecca, the holy place of the Muslims at least once in the life time. However, it is not possible for everyone to visit Mecca, owing to the financial condition. Nevertheless, the Puwa Mecca, that is present in the state of Assam of India, solves the problem. It is considered to be 1/4th part of Mecca and have the equal relevance. It is said that visiting it four times, it is equivalent to visiting Mecca once. Puwa Mecca is only present in India and nowhere else in the World and this makes it one of the reasons to feel proud about.

88. Assam Silk: Assam silk is renowned all over the World for its uniqueness. Assam silk are of three varieties namely white Pat, golden Muga and warm Eri. White Pat is also found in other parts of India but golden muga and warm Eri are indigenous only to Assam. These silks are made of wild silk warm and contribute towards the revenue of the country. Moreover, these silks are exported to other nations of the World as it is yearned for by the people owing to its uniqueness.

89. One-horned Rhinoceros: One horned rhinoceros is found only in India and it is only found in the state of Assam. It was once found in many Asian countries but during the 19th century, it became extinct from the other countries except India and a huge population of it is found in Assam, especially in the Pobitara forest reserve and Kaziranga National Park. Many people from various parts of the World visits India to have a glimpse of this rare variety of rhino and this also helps in the growth of tourism industry of Assam.

90. Manas National Park: Manas National Park has been declared as the Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and falls in the state of Assam. It is one of the major tiger reserves of India and is well-known for being an adobe of many endangered species of animals, reptiles, birds etc. Manas National Park is also famous for Assam roofed turtle, Hispid Hare, Pygmy Hog and Golden Langur and these are some of the endangered species and are only found here.

91. R&D Hub: India has become the major hub of research and development not only of Asia but also of the World. This is a remarkable achievement of India owing to the potential that Indians possess. More than 30% of Companies in the World have their presence in India and this is mainly for the R&D and the IT sector of India provides the maximum potential of R&D. This is another reason to boast about India.

92. Indian Philosophy: Indian philosophy is among the ancient philosophies of the World and is well-known for its richness and diversity. The existence of India Philosophy dates back to the Vedic period and it started with the commencement of the Upanishads. It is believed that the compositions of Upanishads are the oldest philosophical compositions of the World. Today, the concepts of Indian Philosophy are being applied by people of the West and they visit India to learn and know about it. Indian philosophy has gained immense recognition world-wide.

93. Kalpana Chawla: Kalpana Chawla is a pride of India. She was the first Indian Women Astronaut and she was born in Karnal in the state of Haryana in India. She was the second Indian to fly in space and the first Indian Women to reach the moon. She has fetched in a lot of glory to our nation, make us feel proud to be an Indian.

94. Dabbawalas: Dabbawalas is a huge chain of Tiffin suppliers in Mumbai, employing more than 40% of the total population of Maharashtra. They are well known for their efficiency, despite of having no formal business degree. They have achieved 6 Sigma rating for efficiency which means that there is just one error in 6 million transactions. This is something that is to be proud about India.

95. Indian Postal System: Indian Postal system is the largest postal system in the World, having 1.5 Lakhs post offices. It is the largest network and can be found even in the remote places of the country. Indian postal system has made communication easier and people can communicate even to the ones who reside in remote parts of India only for the presence of the postal system.

96. Multi-party system: The multi-party system exist in India and according to this system, there exist several parties who are capable of forming Government both in coalition or separately. The existence of multi-party system in India provides options for people to elect the best one to form the Government and also helps in effective functioning of democracy.

97. World’s first Cannel top solar plant: World’s first cannel top solar plant is built on the river Narmada in Gujarat. This plant generates 600MW solar energy for the nation and this is World’s first and the biggest solar plant that is being built over a cannel. This is a great initiative by the Gujarat Chief Minister and it is a matter of pride for the Indians as well.

98. Outsourcing Hub: India tops the list among the outsourcing destination of the World. India has become one of the major hubs of outsourcing business operation for its cost-effectiveness, fast turnaround time and good quality man power. This is not only helping India to progress and develop but it is also reducing the unemployment issue of India.
99. Pluralism: India is a land of pluralism as there exist plurality in everything, be it religion, language, culture, political system, political parties etc. This existence of pluralism in our society is the uniqueness of India and distinguishes India from other nations. Pluralism is a unique trait of the nation where ancient traditions and modern thoughts co-exist, where animal killers and animal lovers live together, where even secularist and communalist live in coherence etc. There is no other nation in the World where pluralism exists.

100. India is My motherland : Do we really need reasons to feel proud about our motherland? I don’t think so. We should be proud of the land we are born in even if it does not possess any substantial reason to be proud about. These 99 reasons to feel proud about India are only for those idiots who needs reasons to love their own motherland and perhaps they will even need reasons to love their mothers as well. India is the best and I am proud to be born in this great nation.

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As the National Independence Day approaches, the patriotic feeling within us starts arousing. There are various points that makes us feel proud of being born in India. Here are the ten things that makes me proud being an Indian:


India’s environment is rich with many different flavours. Beautiful Mountains, Graceful Rivers, Aggressive Desert and Dangerous Wildlife to name a few. The world praises its natural beauty and that’s the reason tourism in India is the largest service industry with the contributions of 8.78% of the total employment in the country.


Being an Indian the emotional bonding are much more. India is rich with emotion filled moments; rather a speech by a politician, a scold by a teacher or care by a mother. A feeling at home on Sunday or daily workload at office, No water supply one day or unclean roads, List is endless. We Indians are no doubt rich with variety of emotions. “Tabhi toh Sochte hai ‘Dil Se’ karte hai “Dil se’.”


India have a flavour of the amazing diversified culture from all over the world. The Indian culture has been rigid and that’s why it’s surviving with pride in Modern era. An Indian Family is rich with every kind of people, A Grandfather with Dhoti-Kurta, a father with formal and a grandson following latest trends.


India is the fastest Growing telecom market in the world and has the lowest call rates on earth. So here the connectivity is better than many other developed countries of the world. Indian Telecom analysis (2008-2012) says that Indian telecom industry has undergone a tremendous change during the past few years.


India has the largest number of news channel in the world and largest newspaper market in the world. Our Free Media is a largely asset and the greatest achievement for our country. Media serves as the fourth pillar or like a family member to us. From the local issue like a chain snatching to the national issue like Lokpal bill or international updates of Olympics, our media is always with us.


Bollywood normally termed as Hindi Cinema with about 400 films every year is the largest centre of film production in the world. We Indians are like in Love with Movies. Fourteen Million Indians go for a movie almost daily. Although, movies made in America have edged into India and American and British theatres showing Bollywood Movies on a more and more frequent basis. Indian Movies are day by day becoming more and more famous around the world.


The Indian Job Guarantee Scheme came into existence on August 25, 2005 is the largest ever-public employment scheme visualized till date.


India has been declared a secular state by its own constitution. Here we can see different religions and castes like no other place in the world. Together locating the temples and mosques. A friends group is rich with different castes and religions, which proves us how the cultures and castes of India diversify.


Indian cuisine is rich with wide variety of regional natives to India. This cuisine varies because of soil types, climates, occupations and influenced by cultural values and religion. Our Spices, vegetables and fruits are rich with mouth-watering tastes and it’s also the fragrance which creates magic. The variety is immense, colourful, aromatic and inexpensive even at top rated hotels. No wonder, it’s the third most popular cuisine in the world and nor it will be surprising when it becomes the first.


In India, there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Wedding in India are beautifully celebrated like nowhere in the world. We dance; we sing and celebrate it like a national festival. It symbolizes our tradition, our culture and heritage. They extend to a week celebration and filled with emotions, glamour and glazes. Various events bring Chuckle and laughter while some other makes we cry. They vary from region to region because of our diversified traditions. Now this has set a trend in foreign countries too to marry in royal way like Indians do.


Article by : Munmun Rajora

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