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Dr. Brunswicker is the Head of Open Innovation at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, Senior Lecturer in International Management at the European School of Business, and Senior Research Fellow at ESADE (The Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas). She received her doctorate in the area of Innovation Management, and in 2012 she was awarded with “Best Dissertation Award” at the ISPIM Conference in Barcelona, Spain. She also earned her Industrial and Mechanical Engineering diploma from the Technical University of Darmstadt in 2004. As part of a DAAD scholarship, she spent one and a half years in Sydney and earned a Master of Commerce (MCom)at the University of New South Wales. Before returning to Germany to pursue her PhD in Innovation Management.

She regularly lectures at the University of California, where she also has worked in collaboration with Chesbrough. Brunswicker is a Fellow of the IVI Innovation Value Institute in Ireland and maintains many other international scientific contacts. She represents the European Coordination of the IMP3rove project at Fraunhofer IAO, and the results of the initiative Brunswicker launched together with European partners from industry and science, she received her associates with the Europe Innova Award of the European Commission. Such successes have also led to the current strategic partnerships with internationally operating companies such as SAP and Philips.

Director, Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, Purdue University

Prof. Sabine Brunswicker is an internationally recognized innovation scholar and a computational social scientist, bridging social science and computing. She is an Associate Professor at Purdue University, and the Founder and Director of the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI). She is also an Adjunct Professor of Digital Innovation in the School of Information Systems at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia. Until 2016, she was Visiting Professor for Digital Innovation at ESADE Business School. Prior to joining Purdue she was Head of Open Innovation at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sabine’s work is particularly focused on open digital innovation, describing new ways of using information technologies to organize the collective design and use of innovative digital goods. Examples of open digital innovation are: open source software communities, crowdsourcing, digital platforms for mobile, video or smart energy apps, block chains, etc. In her work, she designs and examines systems and technologies that support open digital innovation with respect to their technological and behavioral impact. She uses techniques of computational social science (agent-based modeling, network analysis, experiments) to predict individual as well as collective outcomes in open digital innovation. The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI) at Purdue University is the backbone of her work. The center brings together a group of interdisciplinary scholars, students, and tinkerers. As user-inspired researchers she and her team intensively engage with industry partners, policy makers, and individual citizens through large-scale field studies and increasingly also controlled experiments using ‘virtual’ contests and user studies. In 2016, she and her team launched Purdue IronHacks, a unique virtual multi-staged open data competition, in which students and innovators develop novel and useful apps to solve societal challenges.

Sabine holds a Master in Engineering and Management Science (University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany), a Master of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (UNSW, Sydney, Australia), and a PhD in Engineering Sciences (University of Stuttgart, Germany).

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