Just Us Cafe Case Study Analysis

Just Us Café – Marketing plan: Introduction: Just Us Café was incorporated in the year 1996 under co-operative association act and it was the first fair trade coffee roaster in entire Canada. The vision of the company was to be the leading in Fair trade business which builds for the quality, innovation and professionalism and should be beneficial for all the stakeholders of the company. It has a clear mission statement that it should be viable leading and progressive Fair Trade business and wanted to be a model for the social and worker ownership and the environment responsibility. Just Us Café aims in providing for best value, information and service to their customers, to run the business at Fair trade it has to establish long-term relationship with the all which will be helpful to all. The core differentiation of Just Us Café is the fair trading business policy and selling only organic product which will add value to all the stakeholders of the business. The fair trade market is currently being focused by all giant players and it is rapidly developing in the world, which possess a great challenge in maintaining the market share and in expansion. Just Us Café is well established in Nova Scotia, Canada. Just Us Café deals both in wholesale and retail market; many small coffee shops that get roasted coffee from Just Us Café are competitors for their business. Just Us Café products include coffee, tea, chocolates and sugar. Coffee is being procured directly from 11 countries and tea from Sri Lanka’s organic tea plant and cocoa from organic plants from Bolivia and Dominican Republic. Just Us Café do not have a stereo pattern shop, they change the style of the shop according to their locality so that local will feel good to visit their place frequently. It is facing more competition in all segments from the retail market to the coffee shop from giant players.

Just Us! Cafe's Marketing Environment Analysis Report Essay

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Marketing Planning at Just Us! Cafés case study


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Internal and External Audit of Marketing Environment of Just Us! and Ethical Issues 6 2.1 Strengths 6 2.2 Weakness 7 2.3 Opportunities 7 2.4 Threats 8 3. Issues in Challenging within Just Us! Product Life Cycle 11 3.1 Product Life Cycle (PLC) 11 3.1 .1 Introductory Stage 12 3.1.2 Growth Stage 12 3.1.3 Maturity Stage 13 3.1.4 Decline Stage 13 4. Customer retentions/ loyalty and expanding our customer base 15 5. Ideas for changing in advertising and enhancing our brands 18 6. Conclusions and Recommendations 20 REFERENCES 22 APPENDIXES 25

Executive Summary
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However, the lack of effective, efficiency and innovative marketing program in JU which only focus on printed media, local advertising and some public relationship events are hardly to reach the target customers and create awareness about the essence of “fair-trade”. The emergence of the social-media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger, is a popular and effective marketing tool which is defined as easy, fast and free to reach the different target segmentation at just one click, provided JU preference lower cost as only have limited budget ($20,000). Especially in Canada which is a developed economy country, the use of web to promote could improve branding. Since many young will spend most of their time in surfing internet and so advertise using web could also increase JU competitiveness and facilitate the word-of-mouth strategy.
In this paper, it will start with a SWOT analysis of its marketing environment, then an analysis of JU’s product life cycle (PLC) which believe will give us more understanding of its current products' position, and tells us which product should get more funding and attention, and then a more effective marketing strategies could be suggested, which hoping could keep existing customers while also attracting new customers.

2. Internal and External Audit of Marketing Environment of Just Us! and Ethical Issues

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