Alize Air France Seat Assignments

If a customer would like to sit in a particular seat and benefit from a larger seat selection, Air France and KLM offer their Standard Seat Selection option.

Customers may select their standard Economy seat prior to the check-in window as a paid option for flights operated by Air France and KLM (including Delta-marketed flights operated by Air France and KLM). This policy does not, however, affect flights operated by Delta Air Lines or Alitalia.

For most passengers, this service is available for a fee; however, some travelers will be exempt. The following customers will be able to reserve an available standard Economy seat before check-in, free of charge:

  • Corporate travelers with an active corporate ticket designator1

  • Customers traveling on Y, B, M class tickets

  • Delta SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver members2

  • Flying Blue Elite Plus & Elite members – Platinum, Gold and Silver2

  • SkyTeam Elite Plus and Elite members2

  • Other exceptions may apply

Complimentary seat selection will remain available during the check-in window for Air France- and KLM-operated flights.3

A comprehensive Q&A regarding the policies and procedures of Standard Seat Selection from North America is available here.

1For Air France- and KLM-operated flights, in order to activate the corporate exception, a ticket must be issued and the corporate identifier (ticket designator) must be included on the ticket.If a seat is selected at time of booking, prior to issuing a ticket with an active corporate ticket designator, the Standard Seat Selection fee will be charged, with no refund.

Please note: To activate the corporate exception for Air France and KLM-operated flights,travel agencies should follow all corporate ticketing instructions as provided by Delta Sales. (For example, if you have been instructed to use the OSI to add the corporate ticket designator to a PNR, in addition to adding the corporate ticket designator to the ticket, then please continue to do so.)

2For Air France- and KLM-operated flights, in order for a passenger to be exempt from paying a fee for a seat assignment, the passenger’s exemption information (e.g. the appropriate SkyMiles or Flying Blue number) must be entered before seat selection.If a seat is selected, without the passenger’s exemption information, the Standard Seat Selection fee will be charged, with no refund.

3This does not apply to Premium Economy or any other Air France and KLM paid seat options (such as preferred seats, extra legroom, duo seats and bulkhead), which remain available for a fee. Seat selection is subject to availability, and some seat assignments may be issued at the gate.

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