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Dear Mr. Cianci,

I would love to be the new hostess at Applebee’s Restaurant. I am fun and outgoing and have great social skills. I am energetic and would be great at interacting with guests while scheduling reservations and seating them.

I will graduate from high school in May 2015 and am available to work part time as an Applebee’s Hostess twenty hours per week. My goal after high school is to continue on in the restaurant industry and I know the first step is working as a hostess. I take direction well from adults and others and know I would do a great job.

I love Applebee’s and have several friends that work there so I know I would fit in as a hostess. I believe having great customer service skills and a good ability to work with a team is important. I am dependable, organized and I get decent grades in school.

Because I have maintained good grades, my parents are allowing me to work twenty hours a week while I’m in school this year. The part-time hostess job at Applebee’s would be perfect for me and I believe I would be great at it. Please call me soon so I can meet you.


Lesley Kennedy

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Table of Contents

  1. Entry-Level Waiter Cover Letter
  2. Related Cover Letters
  3. Entry-Level Waitress Cover Letter (Text Format)
  4. Writing Tips for your Cover Letter

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1. Entry-Level Waiter Cover Letter

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2. Related Cover Letters

3. Entry-Level Waitress Cover Letter (Text Format)

(Manager’s Name)

HR Manager

Company Name

Company Address


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Manager’s Name)

Dear Mr Name of the hiring manager,

I am writing to you today regarding the open position for Food Service Worker at (Company Name). I came across your posting on (Website Name), and am excited by the possibility of joining your establishment.

As a customer service driven individual who has a proven history of exceeding performance expectations, I believe I would be a strong addition to your team, and contribute to the ongoing operational success of your company. Some of the key talents I can bring to your company include safety/sanitation/quality control, inventory management, team building and training, and accurately determining a customer’s needs before providing them with prompt service.

My present employment at Bob’s Steak House as a Food Service Assistant has helped me to develop my abilities in key areas such as meeting and greeting customers, making reservations in person and over the phone, maintaining hygiene, and training and assisting new employees.

Your company is a market leader in the food service industry, and I would love to become a part of your winning team. I am confident that I can smoothly fit into your company culture. I will be an excellent candidate for your vacancy as I have a proven track record of attaining exceptional customer service satisfaction levels.

I have enclosed my resume for your review, and would be thankful for an opportunity to meet with you in the near future to further discuss my application.




T: Phone number

E: email address

4. Writing Tips for your Cover Letter

Below are 3 essential pieces advice that you should consider when writing your entry-level food service cover letter:

Customer Service is Key

The foundation of any waitstaff job is good customer service. Without it, your career in food service will be short-lived. So don’t be surprised that restaurant managers emphasize the need for this skill over any other. Although the candidate above has no experience as a waiter, they address their ability to keep customers satisfied by referencing their past experience as a food service assistant. Don’t worry if you have no experience in the food service industry. You can include any experience you have had working with customers.

Demonstrate your Knowledge of the Restaurant

Managers love it when applicants are already familiar with the restaurant’s culture, history, and most importantly, the menu. The more you already know, the less time the supervisor has to spend on training you. An easy way to catch the manager’s attention n your cover letter is list and describe a few of your favorite dishes from the restaurant. This will demonstrate that you are familiar with their food and will be enthusiastic to sell their food.

Show that you are a Team Player

A restaurant can’t operate efficiently without the collaboration of each department. The hosts, chefs, bartenders, and waitstaff all must work as one. Devote at least one or two sentences in your cover letter to explain how you can easily adjust to any team dynamic.

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