God Sized Assignment

06 Jul God-Sized Assignment

God-Sized Assignment

*I am doing a Bible study on the book “Experiencing God” by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King, and there was one devotion I did about God-sized assignments and God led me to a revelation about our addiction and recovery.

*Does your recovery feel impossible to you?  

Of course it does…it definitely felt impossible to me while I was in my addiction.  I knew I couldn’t get clean or be set free drugs on my own and I thought I was in an impossible situation.  While I was doing this devotional, God reminded me that I encountered Him during my recovery; I joined Him in a God-sized assignment by having faith in believing that He could help me by bringing me to Teen Challenge and setting me free.

I truly believe that our recovery is a God-sized assignment that only He can accomplish through us and in us.  A God-sized assignment may feel impossible to accomplish to the human mind but very possible with God; it’s an assignment only He can do.

Our recovery is an invitation from God to join Him in His work and God’s invitation will lead you to a “crisis of belief” which requires faith and action (Experiencing God).  Your crisis of belief (whether God can actually bring you out of your addiction or not) requires faith on your part to believe that God can accomplish the impossible, setting your free from you addiction.  You can’t recover from your addiction in your own strength; you need to allow God to use His strength and power through you and in you to get on the other side of addiction.

God wants the world to know Him and the one way that can happen is if people can see God working through and in other people’s lives.  If you don’t attempt these God-sized assignments, like joining God in your recovery assignment, the world will never see God, know Him or even experience Him.

God wants to use YOU to bring other people to Him and to bring them in a personal relationship with Him.  God wants to receive the Glory and get other’s attention in your recovery process.  Your recovery can draw others to God; all you need to do is take action with faith and join God in the work that He wants to do in you.  God wants you to join Him in your recovery assignment by using your faith in Him, knowing that He can make the impossible…possible!

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26



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How is the Lord going to move you to new levels of growth and maturity? Most of the believers I know want to grow in the Lord. Is the growth going to happen by sitting in pews hearing sermon after sermon? Is growth really going to happen in Bible Study? Nothing wrong with attending church… but real growth and advancement in the Kingdom occurs due to the Lord’s testing process.

After one long day of teaching, Jesus looked upon His disciples and instructed them to “feed the people” He had been instructing. John gave us some inside information into the disciples dilemma. “Jesus made this request only to test them, for He already had in mind what he was going to do.” John 6:6

Jesus wanted to change the way His disciples thought, the way they processed information, the way they dealt with dilemmas… and most importantly what they believed concerning God’s power to minister to people. The Lord wanted his followers to understand that many of the dilemmas they faced were really opportunities for Him to reveal Himself to people.

Isn’t this the problem for most of us. When the Lord asks us to attempt something we are incapable of accomplishing, we misinterpret the situation and view it as an attack or curse. In Luke 9 there was absolutely no way the disciples could feed all the people. There was not enough money, not enough food on hand, and it was very late in the day.

Henry Blackaby, in his book “Experiencing God“, calls these situations “a crisis of belief.” Have you ever been there? If you are growing in the Lord, this should be happening numerous times a year. Now there is no question this was a God-sized assignment Jesus laid on His disciples. They had never walked this road before… and if the Lord didn’t intervene, they would fail and fall flat on their faces.

Please understand that this is the place where many (most) followers bail out. The Lord lays a God-sized assignment before them and they say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t”, which leads to “a crisis of belief”.  The word “crisis” comes from a word which means “decision.” This crisis of belief becomes a turning point or fork in the road which demands a decision from us. Will we trust the Lord or shrink back? We don’t tell God… “no“. We say things like…”This can’t be God’s will. God wouldn’t be instructing me to do the impossible. I must have missed God’s will. The devil must have tricked me.”

It is in these crisis junctures where you decide what you believe about God and how you are going to respond to Him. How you respond when you reach this turning point will determine whether you go on to be involved with Him in something God-sized or whether you miss the opportunity the Lord has placed before you.

It has been these specific crisis of belief points which have defined your spiritual walk so far… not the amount of spiritual knowledge rolling around in your head. You don’t need more knowledge. You need to be responding in faith to opportunities God has already been placing before you. God’s presence and power only follows our obedience to His word and assignment.





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