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The Play Safety Forum (PSF) is an independent forum hosted by Play England as part of its work to research, develop and advocate effective policies and good practice for play provision.



The PSF focuses on two key areas:

  • defining the role of risk and challenge in play and play provision.
  • advising on policy in relation to risk and safety in places where children play.

PSF members include national organisations that have an active interest in the development and implementation of good practice in play provision, with particular reference to issues of risk and health and safety.

Play England provides administrative support to the PSF. If you would like to know more about the work of the forum,contact us.

‘Managing risk in play provision’ resources are available here.

To download a worked example of a Risk Benefit Assessment form,  click here.

To download the blank form, click here.

The Play Safety Forum (‘PSF’), formed in 1993, exists to consider and promote the wellbeing of children and young people through ensuring a balance between safety, risk and challenge in respect of play and leisure provision.

The PSF works to identify, develop and disseminate advice and guidance in the context of:

  • Determining and promoting a balanced and thoughtful approach to risk, challenge, benefits and safety
  • Advising on policy and practice in relation to risk benefit and safety in places where children and young people play; and in particular making such advice available to Government departments, agencies and regulators
  • Keeping abreast of research and development relevant to the PSF’s interests.

The PSF is a UK wide organisation working, among others, with Government in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, acknowledging the common and different areas of legislation, regulation, policy and guidance within those countries.

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