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It is always a hassle to make a thesis statement because it must need to meet the deadline. It must need to ensure it will get the attention of people and others. Whenever you are having a hard time in creating a thesis statement for bullying research paper or don’t know how to write a thesis statement for an argumentative research paper or even you are not confident at academic paper editing, you can follow these tips:

Creating Thesis for Bullying Research Paper

Bullying thesis for a research paper as well as any other thesis statement of a research paper is not easy to do because you need to get the main point. You need to ensure it is the right statement regarding your research paper. Whatever the case, you should not overlook the importance of the thesis statement or else you get a failing grade.

A thesis statement must need to single and with specific claim that will support your paper. It must need to answer questions you are going to raise, it must need to be an opinion on the topic as well as reasoning. Keep in mind that a thesis is a mere factual statement, personal opinion and observation.

  • Topic

  • Precise opinion

  • Reasoning

A thesis statement presents the intent and focus on your research paper. It must need to be specific and consist of one to two sentences. It should appear in the first few paragraphs and everything that will follow must need to support the statement. Here are additional details you need to know.

  • You can talk about online bullying wherein the major point is that many people do not think when a person or an individual mentions bullying.

  • You can also have a thesis statement why individuals bully through computer.

  • Bullying leads to many things.

  • Why are bullies?

Examples of Thesis Statement

  • Bullying is one of the merging problems that children as well as teenagers are facing at the school when they are away from their parents’ protection and view.

  • Bullying becomes a problem of parents, teachers and administrators because it affects the society.

  • Bullying is not only about physical but it disrupts also a person’s emotional life.

  • Cyber bullying is a terrible weapon nowadays.

There you go some helpful information that will help you in having the best bullying thesis statement for your research paper. If you are looking for examples, this page will present what you need so that you no longer need to dedicate spend time searching the internet.

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Fourth Claim Paragraph


Another perspective on bullying can be found in the work of [name of author, researcher or public figure.] In [his/her/their] work, [Title], [he/she/they] write that [insert direct quote from source.] 




Still another common type of bullying is called [choose one: physical, verbal, relational, damage to property, cyberbullying.] [Continue by describing the fourth type of bullying you researched. Be sure to include an example of this type of bullying.]



  • Experts divide bullying into four general categories including physical, verbal, relational and damage to property.
  • A fifth general category added more recently falls under the title "cyberbullying" (also called electronic bullying) and includes bullying that is perpetuated in an online environment.
  • School bullying can have severe impacts on student performance and mental health. 
  • The most common type of bullying is verbal and includes name calling, teasing and spreading rumors or lies. 
  • Bullying is studied by experts in various fields including psychology, sociology and education.

Bullying Research from the Centers for Disease Control 

National Conference of State Legislatures Research on School Bullying

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